I thought I would share this with the forum as I have fallen foul of this recently.

I was doing a clean up of an imported csv file which had a series of ...... in some of the column headers which needed to be strpped out. I initially had the idea of using the following code to do this:

Range ("A1:Z3").Select

Selection.Replace What:= ".", Replacement:=" "

But when I ran the code it kept a series of the .........???? All in multiples of 3 lots of dots

I have now realised that . =Chr(46) and ...=Chr(133)

Therefore, if you want to replace . from your sheets you should use Chr(x), looking something like this:

Range ("A1:Z3").Select

Selection.Replace What:= Chr(36), Replacement:=" "
Selection.Replace What:= Chr(133), Replacement:=" "