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    Bypass rules wizard?

    When I'm at home, I use Outlook Express, since all I need is the email -- and Outlook is left for my wife's email & miscellaneous use. As such, I've gotten used to OE's message rules setup. At work though, I have much more use for the additional functions that Outlook offers, so now I am using Outlook for my email.

    In setting up some message rules, mostly "move email from these people to this folder" types of rules, I have come to the conclusion that Outlook's message rule wizard has some serious shortcomings.

    I try to set up multiple criteria, and the wizard only allows an "AND" relationship, when an "OR" would be more preferable. To have email from an entire host redirected, the rule has to be set up to trap "" from the entire message header, instead of just the from line.

    Is there a way to create more flexible rules, without using the wizard? Is there any indication that Microsoft may combine some of the better OE features in Outlook?

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    Re: Bypass rules wizard?

    for better rules handling, see <A target="_blank" HREF=>exlife</A>

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