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I use an Open Macro for some docs so that when a specific doc is opened it is resolves its MailMerge fields and opens the SaveAs dialog box to save a new doc/file at a specific location. That location is provided to the SaveAs dialog box via the .Name = parameter. The .Name parameter is set equal to the full path and file name for the saveas function.

Used to work fine. Then I changed from FAT32 to NTSF. Now it does not work. This is the only significant change I can think of, but that data item may be a red herring.

The .Name location exists on the same pc, but on a different drive. Debug statements show that the value of .Name is being correctly set. The problem is that the dialog box is not setting itself up at that location. Instead, it sets up to save the newfilename at whatever location was last used. In the past, the path defined in the .Name parm would cause the SaveAs dialog box to position itself according the path defined.

Any ideas on Why the SaveAs dialog box seems to ignore the .Name parm? I use the following code:

Select Case ActiveDocument.Name
Case "AppPack.doc"
ActiveDocument.MailMerge.ViewMailMergeFieldCodes = wdToggle
With Dialogs(wdDialogFileSaveAs)
.Name = "ServerS_DataDocumentsShared DocsApplications" & ActiveDocument.MailMerge.DataSource.DataFields(1) & ".doc"
End With

p.s. The 'Server' referenced is not really a server; just a PC with Shared data files in a peer-to-peer network (i.e., running WINXP, not any Server platform software).

TIA for any help.

And the Answer is....

Leaving this post in case someone else goes through a similar scenario:
Windows Explorer displays the name of a drive labeled S_Data, assigned drive letter D, as something like: S_Data (D). When the label on the drive is S_Data (D), it shows as S_Data (D). So the name looks the save from Explorer's perspective even though one label is S_Data and the other label is S_Data (D).
Once I corrected the label from S_Data (D) to S_Data, everything worked ok. Evidently, in modifying the drive from FAT32 to NTFS, I changed the name to S_Data (D) because that was what I saw the name as via Explorer. Operator Error - glad I don't fly jets...