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    Templates problem (2000/9.0.3821 Sr-1)

    We have many of our forms, in template (.dot) format, available on our intranet. Users can open a form by clicking on the hyperlink. When we open a template from the intranet, it will not let us save it as a document. When we do File, Save As it only allows us to save it to another template. However, if we open the same template through internet explorer, we can do File, Save As and save it as a document. Why the difference? And how to fix it so our intranet hyperlinks open the same as they do from explorer. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks...

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    Re: Templates problem (2000/9.0.3821 Sr-1)

    When you double click a dot file, the operating system tells Word to create a new document based on the template. When you follow a hyperlink the file itself is opened. This is definately not what you want to happen with templates.

    To get around this problem I create a shortcut to the template. I also included the n switch which tells the shortcut to create a new file based on the template but I can't remember if it is necessary. Then in the HTML I create the hyperlink pointing to the shortcut instead of the the template itself.

    This method's major flaw is that the shortcut cannot be made 'relative' so the template must be in its final resting place before the shortcut is created. Another little trick is that shortcuts have a hidden suffix of .lnk and this must be included in the hyperlink address.

    I know Jefferson has wrestled with this problem in the past and he may have some javascript or vbscript which does the trick without using a shortcut so we can wait and see if he wades in here.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: Templates problem (2000/9.0.3821 Sr-1)

    I did post on this a few times, but due to recent culling, those posts are gone (the links in <post#=263310>post 263310</post#> no longer work). I'm leaving the office this moment, but maybe someone who has been helped on this in the past can return the favor and post their solutions. It might help if you change the subject of your message to "Open document from a web page" or "...intranet" etc.

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