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    External Data (XP)

    Im using an Access database voor CRM data. When I open a new template in Word (fromout Access) I can use the the option Insert Field to automatically fill in the customers name etc in my Word document. At FieldNames I select DocProperty to insert the Fields in my Word document.

    Now I want to use the same option in Excel, but here i can't find that option. Does anyone have a solution for me?


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    Re: External Data (XP)

    Hello Gerben,

    Excel workbooks are very different from Word documents, and Excel doesn't have the concept of fields. On the other hand, it is easy to get data from Access into an Excel worksheet (Data | Get External Data | New Database Query...); you can then use formulas to refer to these data in other cells.

    Perhaps somebody will be able to give more specific help if you tell us what you want to accomplish in Excel.

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