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    Format Cells - Default

    XL97. Is there a way to alter the default in Format/Cells/ Alignment/Vertical? It always opens on bottom, which I never use.

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    Re: Format Cells - Default

    You need to set such formatting in the default template Book.xlt, which is stored in XLStart. The best way to do it I think is to set up a workbook with a single sheet with the formatting you want. Save that book firstly as Sheet.xlt in the XLStart directory. It wil become the default for any new sheets you insert in future workbooks.

    When that is done copy the existing sheet the required number of times to set up a book with the number of sheets you like to start with. As it is relatively easy to add sheets, maybe one is enough. Then save that as Book.xlt, also in the XLStart directory. When saving both those files it is important to select Template in the Save as type dropdown list. Using the .xlt file extension is not enough in itself.

    Hope that helps

    Andrew C

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