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    Excel drop down box

    How do you increase the font size in a dropdown box. And how do you not let the box show on a printing but yet still show content?

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    Re: Excel drop down box

    It very much depends on what type of dropdown box, one from the Control Toolbox or one from the Forms toolbar. If it is from the Control Toolbox you can right click on it and select properties (you need to be in design mode to do this). You should then have a list of properties you can edit. The two you are interested in are Font and Print. Click on the font property and a font selection box will open where you can set the font they way you like. Click on the Print property and select False.

    If you are using a dropdown from the Form toolbar, then you cannot select a different font (unless somebody else knows different) but you can disable printing. Right click on the dropdown and select Format Control. Then select the properties tab and remove the tick mark beside print object.

    Andrew C

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    Re: Excel drop down box

    If you use Data/Validation and set "Allow" to "List", you can use a list you have entered somewhere. This creates a drop down in a cell (or selected cells) that won't print. It doesn't change the font size, though.

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