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    Screen Overlay (2000/SR-1)

    On a monthly basis, I complete a status report using a Word document that was provided to me. It is basically a set of tables in which I update status, using a numbered list format. Some of the text remains the same from month-to-month. I have been using the same document since December, but have noticed lately that as I update it, some of the text on the screen overlays itself, so that I see double line images (horizontally). If I save the document and re-open it, it is OK for a while, but then the same thing will happen again. Does anyone know what causes this and what I can do to remedy it? I am concerned that the document is being corrupted in some way, and that at some point, I will lose it entirely.

    Thanks for your help,

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    Re: Screen Overlay (2000/SR-1)

    Hi Caroline:
    This happens to me at times also. The table structure in Word 2000 is very complex & tables do corrupt more easily than in earlier versions. However, what you describe does not necessarily mean the document is corrupt. Tables tend to slow Word down & especially when you scroll, Word has to repaint the screen. I have a 55 page document that consists primarily of a three column table that is about 3 years old; it has over 200 edits & about 24 hours of editing time & it hasn't corrupted...yet. Often, just pressing PgUp & then PgDn will refresh the screen (or Alt+tabbing away from Word & back to it).

    1. Make a backup after every monthly only takes a few seconds. You could go to Tools/Options/Save tab & check "always make backup copy", but that would make backups of every document. If you decide to do this, I would check the option before working on your status document & then uncheck it when you are done. Otherwise, you will have double of everything. See the attached.

    2. To improve scrolling speed, consider splitting the table into smaller tables. You can do this by placing the cursor where you want to split & choose Table/Split Table. You can format the paragraph mark that separates the tables as 1 point in size. You will see the paragraph marker by pressing the show/hide button on the standard toolbar. Then you can select it & place the cursor in the font size box, type 1, & press enter. The result will be that you keep the appearance of a single table, if that's what you want. But they are separate tables & you won't be able to sort, etc.

    Hope this helps,
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