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    dual projectors/different presentations (PPT 2000)

    WE are going from a single screen system to a dual screen system at church. Under ordinary conditions, both screens will be showing the same image. But maybe, under some extraordinary conditions, we would want to run different images on each screen. Easiest way would be to hook up a second computer, of course, and this would work if the two screens were intended to be independent displays. But suppose we wanted the displays to be different but coordinated? Is there a combo of Powerpoint and hardware that would support that? A single presentation controlling images going to two different screens?

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    Re: dual projectors/different presentations (PPT 2000)

    If you have adequate horsepower, and dual monitor support, you should be able to run two presentations on one PC, though I don't have a clue as to how you would go about synchronizing them! Actually there are some OS issues as well as hardware issues to be aware of. For example, the Matrox 450 under Win2000 treats full screen as the combination of the two monitors, but WinXP treats it as two separate displays, so if you maximize an application, it maximizes in the display where it is currently located.

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