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    Lookup table within Drop Down Menu (Access 2000)

    I have a drop down menu which gets is data from a query. One of the columns contain a single letter stating the status of that specific product in the order. (whether it is an Backorder item, damaged item) etc. I would like to have the meaning of the letter, instead of the letter itself in the dropdown menu,. So B would be Backorder Item, D is Damaged Item, and so on.

    How can I accomplish this?


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    Re: Lookup table within Drop Down Menu (Access 200

    I assume that by drop down menu you mean a combo box.

    Unless you already have it stored somewhere, you need a table that holds the explanations of these codes. So you could create a table tblstatus with two fields such as statuscode, and statusdescription , and pairs of values such as B, Backorder etc.

    Join this table to the query that provides the data for the dropdowns, then add statusdescription as the 2nd column in the data for the dropdown, and set the width of the first column to 0. The combo will then display the descriptions, but store the status code.

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