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    Barcode scanning

    Hi All,
    The phenomenon of barcodes is new to me. The nature of the business is to track delivery of items from place to place.
    Now there is this central server with ms access, and 19 locations that use ASP via the browser to retrieve and send info to the Access db on the central server. All these 19 locations would have to scan a specific item, that would automatically retrieve the record from the access db on the central server and display it on the browser. Now everything is in place, except the barcode component. Currently, the user has to enter the order no. of the item via keyboard.
    Now can someone please recommend me a specific tutorial, software, etc for this method. Or if anyone has had any experiences, I would love to know how you went about approaching such a problem. I've researched the net, and I've become more confused then ever.
    Thankyou in advance

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    Re: Barcode scanning

    You might want to phone up an integrator and speak with a live human. There are so many different scanners, pieces of software, and symbol sets that you could spend a lot of time researching. Hopefully you can short circuit that process!

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