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    Times and Numbers (Excel 97)

    I have a time in the format 23:43:00 for 23 hours, 43 mins and zero secs. I want to know how to calculate this into minutes in the next cell (e.g. 1423 minutes) in Excel 97.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Times and Numbers (Excel 97)

    A time is stored as a fraction of a day, so 12:00:00 is 0.5, and 18:00:00 is 0.75. To convert any time to minutes, multiply the time by the number of minutes in a day (24 * 60 = 1440), and clear the formatting of the result (by default, Excel will format the cell with the formula as time too).

    So if the time is in cell A1, use the formula =A1*1440, or if you like to see how it is derived, =A1*24*60 and select Edit | Clear | Formats.

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