JGoodies is a company that specializes in advanced Java UI Designs, looks, and applications from the Baltic seaport of Kiel, Germany. Having grown up in a country that is dramatically geography/language and history teaching impaired, the United States, I use these towns of origin and the PC as a great Atlas/geography book to learn a little of what I should have gotten in school.

Somewhat like another useful download for analyzing disk space use, Free DX Hog Hunt with more graphic forms, JDisk Report visualizes space that files and directories take on your disk drives, and analyzes drives, files, and folders and lets you view them in colorful charts and tables. If you like tables, graphs, and maps, you'll like the views of distribution and size and here are some screenshots of charts you can view. You can run it from the command line if you want, and data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet via the clipboard.

Free Download Here