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    Transactions and Reports (Access97 on win95b)

    I have just come across transactions and like the concept....BUT

    I enter timecard information and then process it to a point and then pull a report to check total daily hours worked. If there is an error, I currently run 3 del queries that remove the information added, correct it and then start the processing again. I incorporated the transaction concept to get away from the delete queries but find that my report doesn't include the current info as it hasn't been written yet. How can I get a report based on the transaction workspace so that I can then decide if I want to Commit it or do a Rollback?
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    Re: Transactions and Reports (Access97 on win95b)

    Sorry, but you're trying to use transactions in ways they weren't intended to be used. The purpose of a transaction is to prevent partial updates, so that nothing is written until everything is processed and valid. If you don't commit the transaction, there is no way to pull a report that reflects it.

    One alternative is to populate a temporary table instead of trying to use transactions. Base your report on the temp table, and once the data is as you want it, then update the real tables.

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