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    Exporting messages (OE 6.00.2800.1123)

    I am trying to export several folders of messages but get the following:

    'The export could not be performed
    An error occurred while initializing MAPI'

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Exporting messages (OE 6.00.2800.1123)

    Hello Geoffgg--

    Abbreviation of Messaging Application Programming Interface, a system built into Microsoft Windows that enables different e-mail applications to work together to distribute mail. As long as both applications are MAPI-enabled, they can share mail messages with each other.

    This is a very common error message, and has been through a number of versions of OLE and I'll try to give you what represents some of the best threads on it. I would update to OLE6SP1, and your version appears you have. I would also run SFC--I don't know which OS you are using--you didn't say. Having said that, SFC may not impact this problem. Here are threads and KB's that come the closest. The KB's don't always address 6 at the top, because this problem has been passed on from OLE flavor to OLE flavor since at least 4.0. It doesn't seem particularly well solved on the long thread with 2 MVP's but the workaround in the first thread may be your best bet.

    1)This first thread says Export only works to Outlook or Exchange. It may have the workaround you need. That's why I put it first.
    First thread with workaround

    2) Long thread with IE MVP Sandi Handmier and OE MVP Tom Koch

    Relevant MSKBs:

    1) 178077: Set OE as Your Default MAPI Client
    2) 179537: MAPI Error Messages When You Import or Export Messages
    3) 299499: Error Message Says "Simple MAPI Support Could Note Be Enabled When You Start OE"
    4) 241875: Cannot Export Address Book Subfolders

    Good luck. Hope this might help. What OS you using?


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