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Thread: Outlook (XP)

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    Outlook (XP)

    We are about to upgrade from Groupwise to Outlook XP. We are in W2K environment running Office 2000. When I open Word and go to File > New on the "General" tab there is an icon "E-mail Message." When I click on this icon I get an error message. I am assuming that this is because of the different version of Outlook and Word. I would like to delete this icon but I cannot figure how to do this. I tried to find the ID to delete it using policy but I am unable to find the ID. Help!!!!!

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    Re: Outlook (XP)

    I read an article somewhere about that icon; I'm not sure you can completely get rid of it, and I don't recall exactly how it works.

    For sure it is something different than the "regular" built-in templates described in these articles:
    MSKB 291186 - WD2002: General Questions and Answers About the Location of Word Templates
    MSKB 210884 - WD2000: General Questions and Answers About the Location of Word 2000 Templates

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