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    Problem with lookup Box (Accesss 2000)

    I have a form with a lookup box (see attached code). When I enter a student's ss# it displays the record if they are in the database or prompts me to create a new record if they are not. The combo box displays the numbers in the 000-00-0000 format but stores them in the database as 000000000. My problem is when I import records from an identical database using an append query, the combo box displays the new records in the 000000000 format and will not retrieve the student's information. How can I ensure that the combo box recognizes the ss# in the new records as a social security #?
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    Re: Problem with lookup Box (Accesss 2000)

    - It sounds as if the combo box is using an input mask if the data displays as 000-00-0000 but is stored as 000000000. Check the data type of the field you are appending. You may run into an issue if mixing numeric and text fields.

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