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    Red X object in PResentation (XP)

    Received a PPT document from a client. One slide has an object on it that is showing a big white box with a red "x" - the object is a graph pasted in from another PPT presentation. When I right click on the object and edit it - it shows the data sheet and the bar chart just fine. Click away from it - red X returns - what's going on here?


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    Re: Red X object in PResentation (XP)

    I have heard of this problem but never a solution. It seems to be more frequent when a Mac created the chart and then a Windows machine is showing it. But it has also happened without a Mac involved. There isn't a fix I know of and I've heard MS admits it's a bug. But it's soooo hard to replicate "in the lab" that fixing is almost impossible.

    There are many other issues and causes of the dreaded red x's. Here's a bit of information:;en-us;291874

    You will most likely have to recreate the graph. Copy the data sheet into a new MS Graph.


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