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    Disk Quota greyed out (XP Pro)

    I am in a high school and setting up a small local WORKGROUP network for a CADD class. I have one XP Professional workstation working as the workgroup "server", formatted NTFS. I have user ids, passwords, and individual shared folders on the server. I have 20 workstations and 60 users that will be able to save their work on the server workstation. I decided that I wanted to set quota limits on the students accounts since they have a tendency to save everything and anything to their folders. I set the quota by right clicking the C: drive, and set limits. Ugh! Now I am having problems with limits on System Restore, it is showing 100% as 50MB and I can't reset it. I can't make a global change to the limit on the disk quota because it's greyed out. I can't remove the quota setting or just plain disable it either. When I go to properties on C: it shows 50 MB available space even though I should have over 30GB! I would rather disable to get all the other functions working right and monitor the students disk usage manually if need be. So if anyone can help me undo the disk quota setting, I would be most appreciative.

    Does anyone know how to undo the quota settings or enable global changes to all users, not just those that can be selected and changed individually?

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    Re: Disk Quota greyed out (XP Pro)

    Consider to disable System Restore on C: drive - it will be eating up the free space on the drive anyway. Use backup or imaging of the drive instead.

    In my opinion, the better solution will be to partition the hard drive and dedicate a logical partition (say, D: ) to shared folders. This way you can still monitor your C: drive by System Restore, but not share it through the network. Of course, you must disable System Monitor on the shared drive and perform regular backups (manual or automatic) on it etc.

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