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    Excel Invoice project (2002)

    I am searching for an old article pc computing article on creating a invoice with sequential numbering.
    I searched ZDNET, but the article (from the early 1990's) was not in their archive.
    Does anyone know of an archive of old PC magazines?

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    Re: Excel Invoice project (2002)

    <img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> Russ

    I am sorry your message has been left without any response. I guess this is an indication of:

    1) Simply no one knows the answer.
    2) Your question was not clear, but I am sure this is not the case, I totally understand your question.
    3) Too many posts and not enough good people to handle them.

    I say:

    If you are looking for the article, you can always call, or e-mail, the publisher and ask them for the back issue you think it contained the article. You will need an exact issue date, so that they can send you the right issue.

    If you are simply looking for an Excel invoice template, well there are tons of them out there in Cyberspace, I use one that actually came with MS-Excel 2003.

    If you are looking for an incremental numbering of invoices, and you know VBA, you can write your own code into your own template to do this sort of work. I will advise you that you place the incrementing code in the Print event handler this way you can make sure that the right number is used when you are printing the form.

    Let me know if I can help.

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