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    Change 'Licensed to' string (EXCEL 97)

    We just renamed several aplications for which we have EXCEL loaded. To avoid confusion I wanted to change the information displayed in the "licensed to" box (shown in the start-up dialog and when doing help-about). Believe re-installing might be the only way... that's too much effort for just changing a name. I'll probably leave it like that unless someone has a quicker way maybe?

    Erik Jan

    PS. Don't get me wrong here... these are all LEGAL versions of course!

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    Re: Change 'Licensed to' string (EXCEL 97)

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    You will probably have to reinstall Excel97. These two articles tell how to do it for 2000 and 2002

    OFF2000: How to Change the Company Name and User Name After Setup

    HOW TO: Change the Company Name and User Name in an Office XP Program

    If you want to experiment, you can search the registry for "RegisteredOrganization" and replace the value with the new company name.
    Some notes to myself from a while back indicate partial success with that method.

    Jim Cone
    San Francisco, CA

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