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    Visible controls (Access 2000)

    I have a group of controls that must be made invisible and
    then again visible at the end of the editing process.
    I do it in the following manner

    Parent![CustomerID].Visible = False
    Parent![CboFind].Visible = False
    Parent![Frame2].Visible = False
    Parent![list].Visible = False

    And then again, i have to write them again with the True command
    to make them visible again.
    I want to build a function or an array,to call it SelectedControls
    and then to refer to it as SelectedControls = True
    or SelectedControls = False
    Is it possible ?

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    Re: Visible controls (Access 2000)

    Here is a possible solution:

    Private Function ShowControls(fShow As Boolean)
    Parent![CustomerID].Visible = fShow
    Parent![CboFind].Visible = fShow
    Parent![Frame2].Visible = fShow
    Parent![list].Visible = fShow
    End Function

    The way to call it is slightly different from what you suggested: ShowControls False to hide the controls, and ShowControls True to make them visible again. Note that there is no = sign.

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    Re: Visible controls (Access 2000)

    Another solution is to create a tab control, and put all these controls on a single page. Set the properties of the tab control to No Tabs and Transparent background, and it is not even apparent it is a tab control. Then you merely have to toggle the visibility of the page.
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