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    Move control to the right (Access 2000)

    Move the control to the right of the form and then back

    I have a control on the form called Current.I want to find a code for giving a comand for the control to go to the right side
    of the form,and and then to go back to the same position on closing the form.I know that there is a function called MoveSize but i do not
    know how to use it. The Left property of the control is 5,988cm. Or perhaps there is another function?

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    Re: Move control to the right (Access 2000)

    MoveSize is meant to change the size and position of the entire form (or report).

    To move a control on a form, simply change its Top and/or Left property. In VBA, these coordinates are expressed in twips.
    1 inch = 72 points = 1440 twips (and 1 inch = 2.54 cm.)
    You can get the width of the form by retrieving Me.InsideWidth.

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    Re: Move control to the right (Access 2000)

    As Hans said, you can change a control's location on the form merely by changing it's Top and/or Left properties. And you don't have to worry about changing it back. Any changes you make in a control's location via code while it is open is temporary, and the control will revert back to it's normal starting position each time you open the form (that is, unless the form was in design mode while you moved it).
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