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    footer and bottom margin settings (2000)

    I don't understand how these settings work together in combination. I'm trying to move the regular text up from where it stops at the bottom of the page while leaving the footer text close to the bottom. But this doesn't seem to happen when I alter the settings using File SetUp Margins. Ultimately, I want 1" margins all around with the footer in that bottom margin and close to the bottom of the sheet. Any ideas?

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    Re: footer and bottom margin settings (2000)

    You can find out the purpose of the Bottom margin and Footer margin by clicking the help button (the question mark) in the title bar of the Page Setup dialog and then clicking on that item.

    The Bottom margin determines the minimum distance between the bottom of the last line of the page and the bottom of the page. In reality, the distance may be larger, because vertical alignment is set to Top by default, and because a whole number of lines has to be fit on the page.

    The Footer margin determines the distance between the bottom of the last line of the page footer and the bottom of the page. Word always fits the entire footer on the page, so if you set the Footer margin to be larger than the Bottom margin, the effective bottom margin will be increased; the same holds if the height of the footer plus the Footer margin is larger than the Bottom margin.

    So you should set the Bottom margin to 1", and the Footer margin to a much smaller number. But be aware that printers have a non-printeable area, so if you make the Footer margin too small, the footer won't be printed. Word warns you if you try to make the Bottom margin so small that the body text would overflow into the non-printeable area, but it doesn't do the same for the Footer margin.
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