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    webcam capture into database (Any)

    Need to set up a database to capture an individuals photo and their contact details, linking the picture to the information.
    Can anyone get me started on this? Can access store photos from webcams easily??
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: webcam capture into database (Any)

    I don't have any specific knowledge about webcams, but as a general rule, don't store images in an Access database. Although it is possible, it is a guarantueed cause of database bloat. (The reason for this is that Access will store an uncompressed bitmap of each image, plus the original format - probably .jpg for a webcam.)

    The best way to handle images in Access is to store the images as separate files, and to use a text field in the Access table to hold the path and file name of the image file. See <post#=263706>post 263706</post#> for some details and an attached demo database.

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