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    Unix Epoch conversion (Access 2000)

    This is really odd. If you can figure this out consider yourself awesome.

    I'm trying in access 2000 to convert a unix epoch date to a regular readable date format. Example: 1037915399 = unix date value this value is how many seconds the record was created since Jan. 1, 1970. I need to figure what is the date representation for the example. If you figure this out can you show me how? Anybody ever do this before? I'm clueless.. Thanks...

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    Re: Unix Epoch conversion (Access 2000)

    Say that your Unix Epoch dates are in a field UnixDate. The followin expression will convert this to a date as used by Windows (and Access):


    (if you want to use it as control source of a text box, place an = sign before the expression)

    Explanation: divide the Unix date by the number of seconds in a day (24 * 60 * 60 = 86,400) to convert to the number of days since the start of 1/1/1970. Add the value Windows uses for 1/1/1970 to convert this to a Windows date, i.e. the number of days since12/31/1899.

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