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Thread: Office XP (10)

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    Office XP (10)


    I have installed Office XP Pro on several machines in a student area - as each student logs in I am finding that they do not have access to all of the clipart on the PC is there a registry setting I can use to make it available to all users who logon to the PC?

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    Re: Office XP (10)

    This reminds me of <post#=276031>post 276031</post#> in this Forum; read kaplinb's reply, it may apply to your situation.

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    Re: Office XP (10)


    I don't know if this touches on the limits reaching clip art or not, and I don't know whether an error message similar to this is displayed, but it sounds like everyone needs some kind of setting to be able to access all the clip art, not unlike the linked thread. There was also an update with security and other fixes issued for Clip Organizer in Office SP2-- so make sure you have all the Office XP Pro's updated with SP1 and SP2 installed.

    For example, when the installations were done, was Clip Organizer for Office XP Found in the Office Shared Features Branch of the Features to Install Tree because they changed the location from previous versions (see KB 279486)

    285637: Clip 2002: Error Message: Microsoft Word Can't Display Clip Art
    328166: Clip2002:Clip Organizer Cannot Complete the Operation, Unspecified Error Message When You Use Clip Organizer
    Cannot Find the Clip Organizer in Office Tools
    285639: Insert Clip Menu Item is No Longer an Option
    285630: Clip2002: "Open Clip In" Command Does Not Open Clip In Clip Organizer
    Clip 2002: Overview of Office XP Clip Organizer Update: June 19, 2002
    293424:Clip 2002: Search Returns Improper File Type or No Results


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