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    Bullfighter Utility (Word XP)

    I'm hoping some of you alchemists and hackers might be able to help with this weird issue.
    I downloaded and installed a "utility" called Bullfighter from Deloitte Consulting. It was running fine on my XP Professional system here at work for only a couple of days, and then it seemed to disappear. It runs fine on my XP Home machine, but at work, all I seem to get are the disabled "ghost" icons on the Bullfighter toolbar. There doesn't seem to be any code attached to the buttons. I copied my from home and put it on my work machine, but no luck. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but all I get is the disabled toolbar. I checked the Install.log file, and nothing untowards was reported. (I also checked the after rebooting, and there is no auto-anything that messes with the template.)
    Might anyone have any idea what could be going on?
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    Re: Bullfighter Utility (Word XP)

    Do you have the latest version? According to there were some issues (one of which closely resembles what you describe) that were resolved in Build 2.

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