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Thread: Serial Printing

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    Serial Printing

    Does anyone know of a serial printing solution for printing screens rather than just text fields? ASCII printing OK -- formatting unnecessary. I just need to be able to plug into a generic printer and leave a copy of the data record with the client in the field.

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    Re: Serial Printing

    Text, I think, is easy, but if by screens you want to include fancier stuff, I'm not sure. According to Stevens Creek Software's developer FAQ,

    Can I print graphics?
    Until recently we have been concentrating on text printing because of our believe that the major applications for printing from a PalmOS handheld were concentrated in that area - prescriptions, invoices, emails, and so on. However we have recently begun work on adding graphics capability to the supported feature set. We recently made available a new beta version to support the Pentax PocketJet 200, which is a bitmap only printer (that is, it doesn't have built-in fonts) and therefore requires what is effectively graphics printing. This version also supports "graphical text" printing to HP printers as well (this allows us to potentially support any single-byte font set). In the next quarter we expect to make available an extension of this version which supports other kinds of graphics as well.

    I'm sure they'd be happy to have your e-mail address and keep you in the loop... <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

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