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    date field from UserForm doesn't paste correctly (ExcelXP)

    I have a UserForm that I have created to allow someone to input inventory information - the form then deposits that information into the correct cells in an Excel worksheet. The problem is this: the date field on the Userform was created as a TextBox - so when it pastes the date into the worksheet, the format is as a "text date" with a 2 digit year. I would like to be able to format this as a date format - with a 4 digit year, but I can't seem to figure out how to code that. Is my problem that the field was created as a text box? What other option would I have? Please someone help me! Thanks!!!

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    Re: date field from UserForm doesn't paste correctly (ExcelXP)

    If you have set the ControlSource property of the text box to the appropriate cell, the only thing you have to do is to set the number format of that cell to the desired date format.

    If you haven't set the ControlSource property, and fill the cell in code, use something like

    Range("A1") = DateValue(Me.TextBox1)

    and again, set the number format of the target cell (A1 in this example) to the desired date format.

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