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    Toggle controls in option group (Access 2000)

    I have an option group made from toggle controls called FrameToggledOrders.I want to make visible the
    all the controls in this option group. if i give the command
    Me!FrameToggledOrders.Visible = True
    then only the frame is made visibl but not the controls and .I have to enumerate all the controls
    to make them visible for example
    Me!FrameToggledOrders.Visible = True
    Me![Toggle550].Visible = True

    and so on.

    How can i buld a code making all the controls in the option group visible ?

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    Re: Toggle controls in option group (Access 2000)

    While in design view, select all toggle buttons by dragging a rectangle around them, or by clicking the first and shift+clicking the others.
    Set the Visible property to Yes.

    If you set the Visible property of the frame to True or False in code, now all toggle buttons will be made (in)visible with the frame.

    If that doesn't work, you haven't really created an option group; this will happen if you create the toggle buttons separately from the frame.

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