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    Some Outlook contacts missing in Word (Office XP)

    I have a friend who upgraded to Office XP on her WinXP machine. She uses her Outlook Contacts folder to insert addresses in envelopes; however, she's noticed that since the upgrade many of her Contacts are not showing up in the list. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Some Outlook contacts missing in Word (Office XP)

    Two things come to mind:

    (1) Word may only be reading the Personal Address Book, and not the Contacts folder, or vice versa; or
    (2) The sort order for newly added contacts might have changed from, say, Last name-First name to First name-Last name, creating the appearance of missing contacts.

    If it's the first issue, she *should* see the same issue addressing messages in Outlook, but I suppose it's possible for them to get out of sync. There have been threads on the Outlook board about this in the past, but they would be difficult to find now. Hopefully the above will identify the problem (from which a solution can follow) but, if not, please post back.

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