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    Query results differ for users (Access 2000)

    An employee has created a database on a shared server (He's done this many times with no problems). Now we find that some of the queries that are based on multiple tables, have several columns that display as empty, when viewed on some of the other user's computers. The queries look fine on two computers, but not on three other user's computers. Supposedly our ITS department upgraded all of them to Access 2000 from Access 97, about 6 months ago. My first thought was that some user's were looking at a different mdb file, so on one computer I opened the database and renamed a query. When I asked the users to open the database, they all saw the renamed query, so they are all looking at the same file. How is it possible for three out of five of them to have this problem?

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    Re: Query results differ for users (Access 2000)

    I gather from what you said that this is a single database sitting on the server. It is possible you could be having a references issue. A better alternative is to use a split database schema. Put all the tables and relationships in a backend database that sits on the server, and everything else goes in the frontend database (and give each user a copy to put on their local disks). There is even a Database Splitter Wizard to help in doing this. This way each user's copy will have references set to the various libraries on its computer; plus it solves/prevents a host of other problems.
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