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    Rene Gnam

    Why Should I Upgrade from Word 97

    As a Woody e-zine enthusiast, I've seen all the sleuthing cautions and big brother warnings of the newer MS-Word products, but Word-97 does nicely on my Win98 system. I don't use it for charts, graphs, math, or the web (other software handles those functions), just for text, letters, books, ad copy, memos, and reports.

    Are there any solid reasons to upgrade that should convince me to endure upgrade woes?

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    Re: Why Should I Upgrade from Word 97

    My 2 cents.

    You've got nmo reason to update- unless you don't have SR-2 yet- then upgrade to SR-2.

    I think most of the bnig imprivements to W2K were to administrators. It's hugley better in terms of fixing problems, rolling out etc- but user functionality is not a lot different.

    The biggest difference people notice is Single Document Interface (SDI)- and many people hate thet "improvement".
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    Rene Gnam

    Re: Why Should I Upgrade from Word 97

    Thanks. Yes, I have SR-2 installed.

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