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Thread: Windows Enabler

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    Windows Enabler

    This is not a recommendation, for reasons indicated below, but struck me as a rather weird one. I'm wondering what the benefits of such a program might be. All I could think of was re-enabling crippled features of software that had been disabled by "simple" means. Still, the whole thing has me a bit mystified. Any ideas?

    "Windows Enabler is a program that runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/2000 and WinXP. It allows the user to enable disabled windows and controls such as buttons and tick boxes and choose menu options that would normally be disabled. This is obviously a very dangerous practice if used recklessly but having said that, you

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    Re: Windows Enabler

    This seems to be a computer version of Russian roulette!

    How can you guarantee that enabling a disabled button (for example) will cause correct code to be executed?

    One for the "don't even think of going that way" bin...
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