I put together a pc with a RAID 1 array for a friend. We shared some folders on his old Win98 pc, and copied over to the WinXP machine ok. But, when we try to share a drive/folder on the XP machine, we get a message that "...The Server Service is not installed...the shared resource was not created at this time...". Then an animated window pops up as if it is "Creating (or setting up) permissions". If we go to Admin. tools, the Server Service (at least the one we see) shows Automatic startup. If we click "Start this Service" in the left pane, we get "Could not start the Server Service on this computer. Error 2001: The specified driver is invalid".
I have put together 5 XP machines recently, and this is the first one to exhibit problems. Normally, I just name the pc, join a workgroup, etc., and share/transfer/print away. I have not tried a repair install/other "fix", as I don't want to dig a deeper hole.

Any ideas?