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    WordBasic Macro (v6.0) question


    My simple autoopen macro imports a text file when the document (otherwise blank) is opened.

    The problem is, the text file is imported not once but twice when Word must be started and the document opened.

    The text file is imported correctly (once) when Word is already open and the document is opened from Explorer.

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    Re: WordBasic Macro (v6.0) question

    It's possible that your macro gets executed when Word is loaded (since Word is opening the in which your AutoOpen macro resides? and again when you create a new document (which is based on your in which your AutoOpen macro resides?

    AutoNew might be a better bet.

    There has been an extensive discussion of this over the past four weeks in, I think, the VB/VBA forum or this forum. Try using the Search feature here and look for "AutoNew"

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    Re: WordBasic Macro (v6.0) question

    Thanks Cris, I'll give it a try

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