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    Missing Command and Tool Bars (2002)

    I have lost my Command Bar and Tool Bars in Word. All I have is the title bar an page view. As such, I can't do much with a document... can't even save or print it. This situation exists if I log onto my the network, not if I log on to my local drive. I can log onto the network from other computers with out any problem. So the problem has something to to with my user network profile unique to my PC. I have deleted the file with no effect and uninstalled and re-installed word, again with no effect.

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    Re: Missing Command and Tool Bars (2002)

    See if the steps outlined in Phil Rabichow's <!post=Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000),197827>Systematic Approach to Behavioral Problems in Word (97/2000)<!/post> solve the problem.

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