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    Access Database Security

    My company has a timesheet program that has an Access 97 back-end, with the front-end written in C++ (please don't ask why this was done when there are probably numerous 'off-the-shelf' programs that would do a better job than the home-grown variety!). The database is located on an NT 4 network, and accessed by users (potentially up to about 80 simultaneously, with a couple dialling in from remote locations).

    We are now experiencing some problems with users locking out other users - the error message says "Couldn't update: currently locked by user 'admin' on machine 'user_name'".

    Question 1: is this a simple security issue - everyone seems to be given admin status at the back-end level, with security mainly controlled through the C++ interface (which language I really don't want to explore in great detail!) - or is it likely to be something deeper than that?

    Question 2: I have a couple of Access 2000 books that discuss security: if I study these to investigate possible solutions, am I going to be way off base with Access 97, or is the security model essentially the same?

    Thanks in advance for any insights to guide me!


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    Re: Access Database Security

    Everyone IS given Admin status because that's the way Jet handles security when no passwords have been assigned under Access security. Jet security is always on, you just don't notice it because everyone logs in as the Admin user.

    However, the locking issue isn't a security issue at all, it has to do with how the locks are being placed and when, as well as the type of locking that's being used. For that, you'll have to talk to someone who can wade through the C++ program and find out what they did in it. Simultaneous users are going to collide if they're all entering data into the same tables/pages at the same time. All Jet can do is lock all but the first come out while an update is happening, so it's up to the programmer to make this as painless as possible for the users.

    The security model for Jet is pretty much the same under both 97 and 2000 as far as I can tell. Unfortunately, it won't help you with this problem.

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