I have an Access ADP project which has a form with a subform. The subform's recordsource is tblCustomers. The master and child fields are Cust_ID. I have a combo box on the main form that has a drop down with all of the customers in the database. Upon selecting a customer from the list, the Cust_ID field in the subform updates with the correct ID, however the rest of the customer information does not update. If I change to the next record and then back, the information is all filled in. I tried to requery the subform using the after update event of the combo box on the main form, but nothing changed. I also tried this on the after update event of the subform, but this did not work either. I am trying to have the subform update with all of the customer's billing and shipping information without having to move off the record and come back to it.

Since SQL server will not allow updates to anything other than tables, or views bound to a single table, I am unable to make this work as I did in Access. I believe I just need to requery the recordsource and it should work fine. I am just having difficulty making this happen.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.