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Thread: Lost?

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    Did something break or am I missing something upstairs?

    In my efforts to fully explore the other techniques I've discovered here, I'm trying to make a fully independent template (my others are fully dependent upon a global app) from which to create document forms. This should be, like, simple, but when I File>New and select the template the document created has none of the code that resides in the template Thisdocument object or the Main code module. Nothing. I do get a reference to the template .dot, but is this the way it's supposed to work?
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    Re: Lost?

    Hi Kevin,

    You've lost me a little here, too:

    You created a template that contains code in the ThisDocument module as well as in a standard code module.

    You then created a new document based on this template.
    From this document, you then go to look at the code in the VB Editor.

    What you should be seeing:
    The document itself will contain no code.
    The attached template will also be visible in the Project window, and the code in its various modules should be viewable.

    Is this not what you're seeing?


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