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    New Spam Trick? (IE6 )

    I've had during the last couple of days a version of spam that I've not seen before: half a dozen that show MY email address as the origin--the sender, though, is one of those "plain jane/joe" names. The only thing I can figure is that when I've bounced spam emails using Mailwasher, the spam jerks have somehow integrated that address into the spam. I'm beginning to wonder, though, if other people are getting spam with my email adddress as the sender. I run AdAware, SpyBot, and updated NAV every other day. Any thoughts?

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    Re: New Spam Trick? (IE6 )

    Spammers are bad people: they use your address as the sender whether you do anything special or not. They have your address, they use it. I occasionally get nondelivery messages from AOL that my spam hasn't gone through. Of course, I didn't send it. I feel sorry for those that DID get through. They probably add me to their blacklist and maybe even complain to the two ISPs. Not a good thing.

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