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Thread: Word 97 error

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    Word 97 error

    Could somebody please help me? I have Word97 running on window98 OS. However when I start Word and as soon as I try to perform any command in Word, I get an error message that "Winword has performed an illegal function and will be shut down" the details of the error are as follows: "WINWORD caused an invalid page fault in
    module WINWORD.EXE at 015f:302cf02e.
    EAX=00000967 CS=015f EIP=302cf02e EFLGS=00010202
    EBX=0069037c SS=0167 ESP=0062f128 EBP=0062f13c
    ECX=0000001c DS=0167 ESI=00000001 FS=5edf
    EDX=00000000 ES=0167 EDI=0062f66a GS=0000
    Bytes at CS:EIP:
    a5 ee ff 8b 45 f4 3b c6 75 12 33 c0 3b d8 0f 8c
    Stack dump:
    0062fa68 00749e90 0062fa78 0069037c 0000001b 0062f660 301c991f 00000002 00000001 0000171f 0062f66a 00000001 00000000 00749d90 00749e90 0062f16c"
    Please help!

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    Re: Word 97 error

    Well it's as plain as day: that stack dump clearly says that the problem is your version of Word has ALDS: acute language deficiency syndrome... <img src=/S/bummer.gif border=0 alt=bummer width=15 height=15>

    We've seen this illness <img src=/S/puke.gif border=0 alt=puke width=60 height=15> before, but not since the outbreak ran it's course back in the 50's (when computers were very rare).

    This is very hard to correct. And takes lots of <img src=/S/money.gif border=0 alt=money width=17 height=15>.

    Or you can try re-naming or deleting your file. In fact, search your HD and/or net folders for and rename or delete them ALL. Start Word. Still sick? <img src=/S/sick.gif border=0 alt=sick width=15 height=15>. Exit Word.

    Now move (or delete if it's safe to do so) any .dot files in your Word startup folder and try again. Fixed? <img src=/S/joy.gif border=0 alt=joy width=23 height=23>

    Corrupt documents or templates might be the problem.
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    Re: Word 97 error

    Also use the Search feature to search all forums for "hkey_current_user" over the past three weeks from the date of THIS post.

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