I have another question about my forms:

I need to account for Guests and the cost of the Guests on sbfBilling. I'm trying to determine the best way to accomplish this. One student can have many guests, and the cost associated with the guests may differ. For example a doc who registers before a certain date gets a discount. If he registers a guest(s) at that time it would be one rate. If the same doc decides to register another guest(s) after the "early bird" deadline, the price for that guest would be higher. These guest prices have all been accounted for in my tblPricing.

What I need to know is how best to go about this. I don't want to add more comboboxes to account for all possible guests and their different rates on the sbfBilling-I think I can tie this information from sbfGuests, where I've added a cboGuestType. I want just a final result on the sbfBilling of the number of guests for that particular intParticipantID. Basically have the control on the sbfBilling already populated with the guest info.