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    Network Templates (Word 2000)

    Can anyone tell me why I might be having this problem? I have a location for my Original templates and a location for the Network templates. Each time a user logs on, the Network templates copy over to their Global templates on their hard drive. The problem I have been encountering over the past few weeks is that, when I make a change in the Original and copy it to the Network, it is not reflecting the change. Therefore the change is not reflected on what is on their hard drive. I have gone into the Network templates and made the change but it does not copy over to the hard drive with the change. I am also not able to copy styles and toolbars from one template to another. This started occurring about the same time I found other changes in the templates were not carrying through. I am wits end. HELP!

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    Re: Network Templates (Word 2000)

    Yes, if you copy a file and then discover that it didn't overwrite the earlier version, you certainly have the right to be concerned!

    Do you at any time have multiple copies of a template loaded in different ways, such as one copy global, one copy open for editing, another copy from another source open for editing? Seems that it would be all too easy to have the changes go somewhere other than intended. However, if you are working solely on one template at a time and then copying to the network, my suspicion would that some other process is wiping out what you copied to the network. One backwards script (copy from workstation to network) would do it... If this is a Windows NT/2000 server, you could have auditing turned on for that folder for 48 hours to see if anyone is writing to it. For Novell, I'm sure there's something similar.

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