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    Slow Disk Cleanup

    Does anyone know how to speed up the Disk Cleanup (Cleanmgr.exe) program so it bypasses the compress files step which seems to take a long time in Windows 2000?

    I followed the advice in this attachment from the MSKB (see attached) which walks you through the command settings to create a scheduled task to run the cleanmgr.exe to clean say the C: drive at periodic intervals. I ran the SAGESET switch to change the settings so CleanMgr only cleans the Temp, and Temp Internet Files, and not to compress older files, but the disk cleanup process still scans the entire C: drive for compresed files, etc., and tends to take about 4-10 minutes to complete.

    Anyone know how to speed up the cleanmgr in general?

    I have used other 3rd party programs that perform such cleanings, but I was hoping to use one of the included Microsoft tools.

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