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    Macros Message Won't Go Away (WORD XP SP1)

    I have a program that I run within Word to check zip codes and print an envelope. I have installed the macros and added buttons to my toolbar to open the program and run the macro that checks the zip and formats the envelope. The problem is that every time I open a document in Word it asks me if I want to install the macros. If I say yes I get an error and it takes me into the debug area, which I don't understand. If I say no it goes away, but the next document I open, THERE IT IS AGAIN. It doesn't do it in a new document window.

    I can't figure out how to lose that message. Any help?

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    Re: Macros Message Won't Go Away (WORD XP SP1)

    Who wrote this program? There appears to be a problem with its "installer," which appears to be triggered by opening a document. But you knew that.

    Unfortunately, without access to the code it's difficult to understand what is happening. Sometimes, it could be as simple as the program trying to create an already existing toolbar twice. Not sure why it would do that. You could either try to play with it in Debug mode or report the problem to the author and see if there is a quick fix. (Unless the author gives permission, you probably should not post the code here.)

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