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    Record comparison (2000)

    Table A

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    Re: Record comparison (2000)

    If the number of fields in the tables is small, you could create a query that joins Table A and Table B on the ID field, and includes fields from both. Base a form on this query.

    Otherwise, create a query that just returns all ID's.
    Next, create three forms:
    A main form based on the query.
    Forms in columnar layout based on Table A and on Table B that should be as nearly identical as possible. Perhaps you can create one based on Table A, then copy it and change the Record Source of the copy to Table B.
    Place these two forms side by side as subforms on the main form, both linked to the main form by the ID field.
    As the user moves from record to record in the main form, the subforms will display corresponding records from Table A and Table B.

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