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    Custom Toolbars/Menus (Word XP)

    I want to add a custom menu to the menu bar in a template.

    I have the template open I am storing it in, make the changes and close and save the file. I have also checked that in the Customize->Commands tab the correct template is highlighted.

    However, when I open the template again or create a new document from that template, the default menu is displayed. If I choose the customize option on the menu, it immediately displays the already customized menu. How can I have the customized menu display when editing the template or creating a new document from the template?

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    Re: Custom Toolbars/Menus (Word XP)

    You may need to use a AutoNew or AutoOpen macro to force the toolbar to be visible, something like
    If CommandBars("Custom").Visible = False Then
    CommandBars("Custom").Visible = True
    end if

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