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    files w/ a CAP word

    I sometimes name files with a CAP word to quickly show the type, like FAX, LIST, etc. Lately when I try to rename (F2) in Explorer, the ALL CAP word loses its formatting when I hit ENTER. Meanwhile, other files retain their previous CAP WORD formatting just fine. I tend to modify all these filenames in Explorer, not usually as I first create the file.
    Any hints? Thanks!
    Example: Flow Test for Fire Dept FAX

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    Re: files w/ a CAP word

    This is not a problem in Windows XP so you won't see it if you upgrade but in Windows 2000 and earlier you can't rename a file using Windows Explorer if the only change is to capitalise some letters. This has something to do with case-insensitivity of filenames.

    The solution is to rename the file to something else and then rename it back with the change in the capitalisation
    eg Filename.doc becomes Filename1.doc becomes FileNAME.doc
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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